Mrs. Poulsen

Who is this crazy Drama lady?
Lots of kids and leery parents want to know.
 ~ Born & Raised (And STILL live)
         in Spanish Fork.
 ~ The oldest of 7 kids: 5 brothers and 1 sister.
     My Dad and Mom are Reid & Helen Nielson.
 ~ Graduated SFHS: Class of '85. "Go Dons"!
     BUT: Two of my kids are Salem Hills graduates, and one from Maple Mountain. My two youngest are Dons, so we believe in ALL mascots at our house.
 ~ Married my high school sweetheart, Steve.  And yes, we met in Drama Class!
 ~ We have 5 daughters from 27 to 17 years of age: Kaila, Sierra, Jada, Necia & Erika

 ~ I got to teach all of my kids when they were in Jr High. Imagine having to go to school with your mom every day!

~My oldest 4 daughters ALL got married in 2016! 
Now I have some sons!! Stuart, Ellis, Nic and Tanner.
These lucky guys have pretty cute wives. 

AND: I have the world's most amazing Grandson! His name is Maverick and he is the BEST!!

 ~ I have 8 Nieces and 7 Nephews. They are amazing.
I was almost 30 years old before I ever became an aunt!
I've gotten to teach some of them too ~ They make me smile. :)

 I have a 2-Legged Cat! His name is 
Leg-o-less... (because he has less legs!)

We call him Lego and he's pretty amazing considering that he has to get around on just his front legs.

When he was born, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his back legs and half of his tail. They didn't get blood supply, so they never developed.  

He balances on his front legs and lifts his lower body with his stomach muscles. He's got some CORE strength! He loves to play, likes hiding in his "Blanket Hut", and HATES the vacuum!

~ 2018-2019 will be my 31st year of teaching. Holy Cow! Where did all those years go?
I've taught middle grades: (6 thru 9) for all of those years and the KIDS are truly the best part of my job.
~ Received my teaching degree from BYU. I'm certified to teach Theater Performance, Theater Production, Theater History, Theater Design, and
Technical Theater, as well as Language Arts: Writing, Literature, English, and even Journalism. (Just don't expect me to do math very well!)
~ Technically I've been a part of the same "school faculty" for my entire career, but I have been in 2 different buildings,

gone through 4 school name changes, 3 different mascots, and 5 Principals.
~ This year, as well as many years past, there will be over 20 class produced plays, a school musical, a Shakespeare team and a Drama Club
which boasts over 100 members.
Theater Arts are Alive & Well at DFJH!

~ I have directed over 25 major musicals. 
Diamond Fork shows:
2018 ~ "Mulan"
2017 ~ " Thoroughly Modern Millie"
2016 ~ "The Lion King"
2015 ~ "Aladdin" 
           "Peter Pan" for Payson Community
2014 ~ "Once Upon A Mattress" 
2013 ~ "The Little Mermaid"
2012 ~ "Beauty & the Beast"
2011 ~ "Fiddler on the Roof" 
2010 ~ "Seussical"
2009 ~ "Mulan"
           "The Wizard of Oz" for Payson Community
2008 ~ "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"
Spanish Fork Middle School shows:
2007 ~ "Aladdin"
2006 ~ "The Wizard of Oz"
2005 ~ "Bye Bye Birdie"
2004 ~ "Cinderella"
2003 ~ "Once Upon A Mattress"
           "Annie" for SF Community
2002 ~ "The Music Man"
2001 ~ "Tied to the Tracks"
2000 ~ "Tom Sawyer"
1999 ~ "The Wizard of Oz"
1998 ~ "Tumbleweeds"
1997 ~ "Peter Pan" for SF Community 
Spanish Fork Intermediate School shows:
1996 ~ "Annie"
1995 ~ "Cinderella"
1994 ~ "Calamity Jane"
1993 ~ "Bye Bye Birdie"
1992 ~ "Once Upon A Mattress"
(Unless you're trying bribery ~ But I should warn you... I don't pay back bribes. I take them, I just don't pay them back!)
~ I don't like chocolate. Never have, never will.
~ I love, love, love the "Harry Potter" series, both books and movies.
"It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities." ~ Dumbledore
~ Actually, I just love books and movies. Those are my favorite pastimes. (When not updating this website of course.)
~ My favorite sports teams:
~ Favorite sport to do: Swim.
~ Favorite sport to watch: Basketball
~ Favorite Broadway Musicals:
                   "Wicked", "Come From Away", "Bright Star"
~ Favorite Disney Musicals:
          "Hercules", "Tangled" & "The Lion King".
~ Favorite Other Musicals:
          "Prince of Egypt" & "110 In the Shade"
~ Favorite Movies:
   "The Princess Bride", "Gone With the Wind" and
        most of anything with Johnny Depp in it!