Drama 2

     ~ DRAMA 2 ~ 

Intermediate Theatre Arts

Our focus in Drama 2 is to improve our STAGE SKILLS.
 What skills do great actors use?


Drama 2 is taught 4th and 6th Periods.

*Purpose of Criticism
*New SKILLS Vocabulary:
*Character Movement:
    Sensory &                   Emotional Recall      Stage Combat
 *Stage Voice:
    Intensity & Variety

*Theater History: Ancient Greece
    Time Period
    Themes & Authors
 *Production of a 
   One-Act Play

We have completed our MONOLOGUE performances!
If you were one of those who was not able to perform, be sure to send in a video of your monologue.

Self Critique: 
It can be really hard to watch yourself perform! Just look for your SKILLS.
You will be giving yourself an honest score.
And that means... the things you are GREAT at as well! :)

6th Period Monologues


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