DFJH Theater Arts Classes

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We have 5 different Theater Arts Classes of varying levels and disciplines available at Diamond Fork.
(7th & 8th Grade)
 This stage skills workshop class will focus on the basics of characterization including character movement and vocal expression. We will work on concentration and focus activities, simple scene planning and scripting, as well as some improvisation. Stage directions and voice production will be studied. Performance projects will include pantomimes, puppet shows, and production of a one-act play. This is the entry level class for drama at DFJH. Even if you have had previous experience, this class is a great place to sharpen your skills.
(8th & 9th Grade)
In Drama 2 students will learn more advanced acting skills such as character objectives, immediacy, timing, and stage business. Students will study the beginnings of theatre history with a focus on traditional Greek Theatre.  Students will learn more theatre vocabulary and focus on effective feedback skills.We will continue to work on voice and movement training, including stage combat techniques. There are numerous class performance projects in Drama 2 including humorous and dramatic monologues, combat scenes, Greek Myths, radio drama, serious contemporary scenes and a final class production.
(8th & 9th Grade)
This class will focus on the writings and conventions involved in Shakespearean performance. We will study the history of the Elizabethan time period as we explore the dramatic works of William Shakespeare. We will study the differences in the three basic play styles as written by Shakespeare: comedy, tragedy and history. Students will learn about scene selection and cutting for performance. There will be many opportunities for improving acting skills as we incorporate contemporary skills into these timeless texts. You will be reading and watching a variety of Shakespeare plays. Performance projects will include: monologues, humorous and dramatic duo/trio scenes, as well as ensemble scenes. FOR THOSE STUDENTS PLANNING TO AUDITION FOR THE SCHOOL’S SHAKESPEARE COMPETITION TEAM, IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU TAKE SHAKESPEARE CLASS DURING 8TH GRADE.
(9th Grade Only)
This is the top level drama class offered at DFJH. This class requires that you have already taken Drama 1, as well as one of the intermediate level classes [Drama 2, Shakespeare, or Drama Tech].  The main focus of this class will be production. Students will write scripts to be produced by the class.  Students will handle the casting, directing and acting of these shows. Students will study audition techniques and create performance resumes.  Students in Drama 3 will utilize some basic elements of technical theater as well as writing, directing and acting skills. INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL REQUIRED FOR THIS CLASS.
(8th & 9th Grade)

This course is for students who are interested in learning about the technical side of theater productions. Students will learn stage terminology, set planning, electronic lighting and sound, stage make-up, and crew management. Students in Drama Tech are gaining the knowledge of how things work backstage in order to be able to work as crew members on school productions. There will be much written work, and script reading as well as some practical crew prep work involved in this class. Tech students will run the tech for the beginning Drama plays, as well as participate in set construction and painting for school productions. INSTRUCTOR APPROVAL REQUIRED FOR THIS CLASS. You must complete an application with signatures and return it to Mrs. Poulsen.

Technicians who completed this class in 8th grade may want to consider taking the Drama 3 class in 9th grade. Drama 3 is a production class where student technicians will be an integral part of the team